EVS in GAIA Alentejo | Youth, arts and media

GAIA Alentejo has one open EVS vacancy within an approved EVS project, for young people coming from the following countries: Ukrain and Italy (priority), Spain, Hungary, Slovenia. EVS activities happen for 12 months, starting on the 1st of November 2017.

Volunteer will be integrated in a group of 6 volunteers, who are hosted at the same time by different partner organisations in Odemira Municipality.


One volunteer will support the OFICINA (Workshop) project for young people in São Luís. This space is open for the population of São Luís, in particular young people. At OFICINA you can find information on opportunities for youth, support to youth associations and/or informal groups, plus personal and/or vocational follow-up for the implementation of your personal and professional projects.

It is a space where everything can happen! Here young people can create and share ideias, develop activities for the community or make personal projects come true.

The volunteer will be hosted by GAIA Alentejo in São Luís, for 12 months, and will support the activities lead by different local work groups and associations, concerning youth, arts and media. The tasks of the volunteer will be built in a yearly calendar and the volunteer should be available to perform different kind of tasks, responding to the necessities of the work groups.

APPLY NOW! Send your CV with a photo and Motivation Letter (English or Portuguese) + example of a video made by you, to svegaia.alentejo@gmail.com. Candidates should be clear about specific interest and motivation for this project, in the Motivation Letter.

All information right here: 17oct_SVE_GAIA


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