Open EVS vacancies

GAIA Alentejo, in partnership with Odemira Municipality and associations Rota Vicentina, Sociedade Recreativa S. Teotoniense and A Copa da Vida, announces the opening of 6 EVS vacancies. For 12 months (November 2017 – October 2018) six young people will be hosted by local associations in Odemira.

“Odemira na Europa – Creating Opportunities” EVS project follows the first edition of “Odemira na Europa”. Do read all about it in the blog!

All interested young people (18 to 30 years old) should send CV with photo and Motivation Letter, in Portuguese or English, to until 22 March 2017.

All information right here: vagas SVE_2017_EN


GAIA Alentejo offers 2 positions:

GAIA Alentejo/ Transition movement of São Luís

GAIA is a Portuguese environmental NGO, working in Alentejo region with local rural communities. This EVS position focuses on the Transition movement: the initiative of citizens who are aware of current global environmental and social challenges, are active in their local community and are connected in local, national and international networks. One volunteer will be hosted by the local Transition initiative of São Luís, for 12 months, and will support the activities lead by the Transition work groups and/or other local associations. The focus of this EVS vacancy will be permaculture, local production and consumption.

GAIA Alentejo/ Youth Workshop

One volunteer will be hosted inside the Youth Workshop project for 12 months. OFICINA (workshop) is a space in São Luís open for the local population, where young people can create and share ideas, develop activities for the community or make personal projects come true. The focus of this EVS vacancy will be media production.

Full description right here: vagas SVE_2017_EN

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